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Textile swatch book displayed in diary format that showcases a range of techniques in a curated fashion. Book pages reflect some of my significant life experiences, thoughts, and other fragments from my early development that have evolved over the years and constructed my being.
2024, Wet and Needle Felting, Embroidery, Screenprinting, Book Binding
IT TAKES A VILLAGE This piece portrays the sacredness of a bedroom, specifically through my own eyes. With motifs that represent growth, self-development, and home imbalance, as well as showcase the community I have in my reach, but with myself being inside my bedroom, I choose not to reach out, representing my fear of putting myself out to others as well as my stubborn tendencies to ask for help when needed. Bedrooms hold so much about a person, you can really see ones personality through their bedrooms and they tell incredible stories. They are a constant in a world of change.2023, Wall hanging, Wet and Needle Felting, Sewing Techniques
OBLIVION Talking about the mindset we undergo as children; where do we go? We are so absorbed in our own worlds that we may overlook or be oblivious to the challenges and negative aspects surrounding us.

A hallway filled with seemingly mundane and chaotic
junk, serves as a metaphorical representation of this theme. The clutter symbolizes the complexities and struggles that may exist unnoticed in the periphery of a child's consciousness, emphasizing the contrast between the simplicity of childhood and the harsher realities of the adult world. Through this visual metaphor, the project invites viewers to reflect on the delicate balance between the innocence of youth
and the complexities of the world they are gradually exposed to as we grow up in the world.

2023, Diorama inside Jewelery stand, Mixed Media

Raw Distortion This collection consists of six unique patterns, each a testament to my ability to adapt to and align with Acne Studios' specific design preferences. A change from my usual vibrant color palette, this project led me into the realm of neutrality and muted tones. With that, I discovered a new appreciation for the
subtlety of muted colors, as well as the importance of color usage in design. It introduced me to a world of sophistication I hadn't previously explored in my personal
art style.

2023, Mock Print & Pattern Collection
Doodlebug "Doodlebug" is a piece I created in Lacoste, France while abroad. Showcasing femininity in my personal youth and express my overall personality shift throughout my years.

Fun Fact: A wet felting station/supplies were incredibly hard to source in a small town in the South of France, so I found a single needle for felting, and needle felted my entire project.
2023, Natural dye, Needle felted Needle Felting, Embroidery, Sewing Techniques